Welcome to ajtjp.com!

ajtjp.com is now on its new server! I have abandoned a content management system and reverted to good old-fashioned HTML. In theory this would allow me to embed custom HTML for interactive charts and graphs more easily, but in practice it has just meant lower bandwidth usage and that the text wraps to your window size rather than to an arbitrary number of pixels as chosen by the CMS theme. Still a net win if you ask me.

Credit to Dan Luu for inspiration as to the format. If you like the blog posts here, chances are you'll like his blog posts even more.

Web Site Sections

Gopher Site

Gopher is a protocol from the University of Minnesota that competed with the World Wide Web for a few years in the '90s. I created a Gopher hole due to my affinity for both old technology and plain text articles. Compatible browsers include Firefox with the OverbiteWX extension, SeaMonkey 2.49 with the OverbiteFF extension, and Netscape 4.x.


This is my blog. It covers various topics of interest to me, primarily but not exclusively technical. You may find it of interest, or you may not.

My notes indicate there may yet be a couple old posts from my 2014 version of the blog that still live on an archived DigitalOcean box. Once I've checked that, this paragraph will disappear. Good news, blog archival standards have increased since then.

Software Projects

This documents my side projects from over the years, and has become a portfolio of sorts. Some of the projects have been fairly long-lived and found communities of users, so while they are all a bit niche, you may find that you are in one of those niches as well.