Software Projects

My publicly published software projects can be viewed here on SourceHut. This section provides additional information for the more noteworthy and readily-usable among them.

If you find them helpful, drop me a line to let me know, via aj at this website. Some of them already have communities where they've found a use case, but others have pretty much lived on my hard drive.


C7 is currently an early-stage a 4X strategy game in the Godot engine, and a collaboration with several others. So far, I have been the most prolific code contributor, as well as the de facto project manager, providing most of the structural organization to the project and many of the public-facing updates.

The main menu of C7's second milestone release (March 2022).

Language: C#

Developed: 2021-present

Civilization III Cross-Platform Editor

This is a third-party scenario editor for the game Civilization III. Initially its goal was adding cross-platform compatibility, but over the years it has shifted more to improving the ease of creating scenarios, based on community feedback about what would be most helpful.

The editor running on Haiku. Cross-platform doesn't only means Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Language: Java

Developed: 2009 - present

XenForo Archiver

The XenForo Archiver is a program that can create a local archive of a thread on a XenForo forum, including attachments and hotlinked images. Initially used to back up interactive stories that featured hotlinked images prone to going down with their hosts, in January 2022 it was used to create a nearly complete backup of the forums at (7.7 million posts), preserving that knowledge for posteirity.

It needs source code modification to handle other sites (and some manual CSS work); the focus has been on features and robustness so far.

Language: Java (special thanks to the JSoup library)

Developed: 2018, 2021-2022

Gear City Executive Secretary

Gear City Executive Secretary is a utility for the game Gear City, which provides additional analytics and reporting on top of what's available in-game.

Language: Java (especially JavaFX), SQLite

Developed: 2021


JImageReader is a Java-native image reading program. It focuses on obscure raster image formats, and supports 10 of them currently. If you have an old Windows, DOS, or Atari image you need to read in Java, it might be for you.

This project is available via Maven for easy integration into your projects. See the link above for details.

May be paired with a very simple image viewer if you'd like to try it out.

JImageReader's test viewer displaying an old GodPaint image from the early '90s.

Language: Java

Developed: 2011-2016, 2019-2020


Zebra is a console-based, cross-platform Gemini browser. Gemini is a protocol that is more secure and flexible than Gopher, but much simpler than HTTP. If you enjoy early-mid '90s, text-based non-commercial web sites, you may enjoy browsing Gemini capsules, and should give Zebra a try. Zebra uses vim-like keybindings, and you probably know from that phrase whether it's the right Gemini browser for you.

Zebra running on Solaris

Language: Java

Developed: 2020

Real-Time Bus Tracker

Real-Time Bus Tracker is a project that lets you set up a web site that tracks bus locations in real time. At one point, I had an actual web site set up where you could use it to track bus locations in Brisbane, Columbus, and Saskatoon.

Language: Java on the server, HTML + JavaScript on the client

Developed: 2018 - 2019

Gopher Archiver

Gopher Archiver archives Gopher sites to your hard drive. Intended for archiving small sites, such as recipe blogs; can be used for sub-sites, such as a user Gopher hole at the Super Dimensional Fortress.

Language: Java

Developed: 2019

Game Mods

Usually I can contribute more by writing software for modding than the mod itself, but that doesn't mean I never dabble in mods...

Europe Expanded

Europe Expanded is the first map mod for the game Gear City, significantly expanding the amount of detail on the base game's Europe map. Currently on hiatus because it's a lot of work to find accurate historical data, and even more to transform it into the game's format.

Language: XML


Not quite full-fledged programs, these are more properly termed scripts. Not a lot since generally I like to write larger programs, either that or they're highly specific to my use case.

SourceHut Date Formatter

One of my annoyances is sites that display dates only in relative format (e.g. 3 years ago). This Tampermonkey script changes SourceHut todo dates to display in absolute format (e.g. July 31, 2017) beyond a short threshold where relative might be useful.