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Welcome to the Civ Archive!

This site archives resources for the game Civilization, with a focus on stories of player games. These stories often link to images hosted on third-party sites, and over the years many of these image hosts have gone down, put up paywalls, or had URLs change, making the images in the stories inaccessible. Preventing further stories from being lost was the impetus for the creation of this site.

The format of the archives is as a .zip file, which contains a single HTML file, a couple CSS files, and an images folder. Open the .html file to view the story; it will open in your default web browser.

It is still very much under construction! It should be considered to be at proof-of-concept phase.

Currently, only a few stories are available; we are working on both the archiving program itself, as well as creating the archives and the website. See this thread for the latest information.

Stories Available for Download

The following stories are available for download. We suggest reading the initial few posts at CivFanatics to see if you are interested, and if so, you are welcome to download the archive and use it for offline viewing or to serve as your own personal backup.

Title Author Start Date Completion Status Description/Tags Number of Posts CFC Link Download link Download size Download completeness Restoration Uploaded/Updated
Pax Romana Vanadorn May 2004 Last updated in 2017 Can be described as the love child between the history of the Roman Empire and 'War & Peace'. 2510 CFC Link Downloadable link 4.3 MB Complete except that some images are too small due to being attachments July 21, 2018
World War I... in 2051 A.D.!?!? Coinich November 2004 Completed Told as a story, in the context of a Civ game. 1529 CFC Link Downloadable link 22.5 MB 100% July 22, 2018
Conquest of the World Quintillus April 2007 Completed Quintillus conquers the world as the Greeks. 1448 CFC Link Downloadable link 276 MB 96%, from 11% on the forum. Posts 1018-1020 still need manual restoration. Yes July 29, 2018
Blood and Iron - The Conquests of the Chancellor MTB4884 May 2011 Completed MTB4884 tells a story through a Civ game. 1297 CFC Link Downloadable link 1.9 MB 100% (no images) July 29, 2018
the celtic peacekeepers! Daftpanzer February 2004 Not Completed Huge Emperor 921 CFC Link Downloadable link 6.8 MB 92%. This compares to 82% on the original CFC thread. 14 GeoCities images remain missing. Partial July 22, 2018
The Conquests choxorn June 2010 On hiatus since 2015 choxorn documents his journey through playing all the Conquests in order 843 CFC Link Downloadable link 496 MB 96%. Mostly ImageShack images missing. July 21, 2018
The Sumerian Empire Takeo February 2006 Completed A Regent tech pace is combined with Deity levels of AI unit production 617 CFC Link Downloadable link 33.5 MB 71%. The end of the story is missing images due to the Great Hack. July 23, 2018
The Triumph(?) of the Boers: Yet another AoI Story. Hikaro Takayama November 2008 Not Completed AoI 3.0, Monarch 456 CFC Link Downloadable link 34 MB 99.2%. Two ImageShack images missing. July 23, 2018
Celtic Fury Sparthage March 2010 Not Completed 31-civ Standard Earth 392 CFC Link Downloadable link 29.4 MB 96.5%. Second half of story restored. Yes July 23, 2018
By a Single Decision (Alternate History) das September 2004 Not Completed An alternate history story 387 CFC Link Downloadable link 328 KB No images August 1, 2018
Hail Caesar zeeterus May 2002 A Civ game as a written story 343 CFC Link Downloadable link 447 KB No images 448 KB August 1, 2018
Diety Game #2 - Crowded House BasketCase July 2005 Completed Tiny, Diety, 16 Civs 317 CFC Link Downloadable link 9.6 MB 100% (same as thread) August 1, 2018
Pax Americana - the Culmination of Manifest Destiny SonicTH (aka Taniciusfox) June 2008 Completed Age of Imperialism as the USA 301 CFC Link Downloadable link 28.9 MB 100%. From 0% on the forum thread. Yes July 23, 2018
Takeo takes on Deity Takeo September 2005 Completed Takeo plays Deity 290 CFC Link Downloadable link 19.5 MB 100% (same as forum) August 1, 2018
Wrath of the AI Quintillus March 2009 Incomplete (2015) Each AI has a powerful bonus trait, such as significantly boosted culture, commerce, or cavalry units. 267 CFC Link Downloadable link 105 MB 99.4% No more Photobucket watermark January 1, 2022
The Rising Sun - Japanese Power Play tR1cKy June 2005 Completed tR1cKy makes a story out of GOTM 43. 235 CFC Link Downloadable link 14.8 MB 100%. All images in both thread and archive. July 29, 2018
Beyond Sid Bamspeedy October 2003 Completed Bamspeedy takes on an AI that can build items at 1/10th the usual cost. 224 CFC Link Downloadable link 6.2 MB 99%. One image missing, but source missing in HTML. Lost in XenForo migration? July 22, 2018
The First(and hopefully only) Reich SonicTH (aka Taniciusfox) March 2008 Completed With slightly customized rules, SonicTH plays as Germany on TETurkhan's Test of Time. 219 CFC Link Downloadable link 135 MB 100%; from 0% on the forum. Yes July 27, 2018
The Second Reich - Germany's Hegemony SonicTH (aka TaniciusFox) March 2009 Not Completed Age of Imperialism as Germany. 164 CFC Link Downloadable link 15.0 MB 100%. From 0% in forum thread. Yes July 28, 2018
Chieftain to Monarch: Game Two CommandoBob September 2005 Completed CommandoBob plays his second Monarch game. PTW. Huge Map. 161 CFC Link Downloadable link 21.3 MB 100%. From 0% in forum thread. Yes July 24, 2018
The Space Race Quintillus March 2008 Completed Quintillus plays Space Race and starts in the Ancient Age, while everyone else starts in the Middle Ages. 153 CFC Link Downloadable link 78.0 MB 99.3%, from almost 0% in the thread Yes July 29, 2018
GOTM 41 Reloaded - Persian Double Challenge tR1cKy April 2005 Not Completed tR1cKy plays GOTM 41 twice, with two different victory goals 130 CFC Link Downloadable link 9.2 MB 100% July 29, 2018
The Rise of Moraie Sashie VII April 2007 Not Completed Sashie VII plays a 5CC with his own civ. 129 CFC Link Downloadable link 6.9 MB 100%. From 0% in forum thread. Yes July 28, 2018
Demi-God Madness II Vind2 December 2006 Incomplete Vind2 attempts Demigod for the second time as the Maya. 118 CFC Link Downloadable link 14.2 MB 99%. 137 Photobucket images restored. February 5, 2021
The Republicans go to War Lanzelot March 2015 Completed Always War, Monarch, Republic. 75 CFC Link Downloadable link 69 MB 100% July 21, 2018
Schweitzes Reich: The Swiss Empire (MeM) Hikaro Takayama February 2010 Not Completed Customized version of Medieval Europe Mod. 62 CFC Link Downloadable link 6.8 MB 100%, from 0% in forum thread. Yes July 28, 2018
Chronicles of the Philosopher Kings VI: The Final Battle Helmling January 2005 Completed Huge Emperor 41 CFC Link Downloadable link 4.2 MB 100% July 22, 2018

Succession Games Available for Download

We're adding some succession games too! These will initially be on-request as the top-level Stories and Tales backlog is tackled.

Title Participants Start Date Completion Status Description/Tags Number of Posts CFC Link Download link Download size Download completeness Restoration Uploaded/Updated
Gma02: "First Come, First Severed" - Training Day Game gmaharriet, Greygamer, Bede, Desertsnow, Aabraxan, Kickbooti May 2007 Completed An Emperor level Training Game feature Non-Oscillating War mechanics. 1360 CFC Link Downloadable link 5.8 MB 17%. Photobucket images restored, but most were VillagePhotos or CFC Uploads, which are not archived. February 5, 2021
Who-5_ Tom Tom Club builds a party lounge training game Whomp, Bucephalus, CommandoBob, goodsmell, Ansar the king frog, Vind2, Smart, Theryman May 2006 Completed Whomp organizes a training game on Emperor for Chieftain to Monarch players. 1127 CFC Link Downloadable link 13.6 MB 84%. Up from 22% on the forum. Partial. Missing old ImageShack, CFC Uploads images primarily. February 5, 2021
Handy 19 Grumpy Old Men try AWD standard map Handy, ThERat, Greebly, Bede, M60A3TTS, Obormot, Sir Bugsy August 2005 Completed Always War Deity, Standard Map, Continents 297 CFC Link Downloadable link 9.7 MB 93%. Up from 61% on the forum. Yes July 24, 2018
Handy 21 Regular Pangaea AWD again Handy, ThERat, Greebly, M60A3TTS, Obormot, Sir Bugsy October 2005 Completed Always War Deity, Standard Map, Panaea 189 CFC Link Downloadable link 6.5 MB 85%. Up from 77% on the forum. Also includes major formatting fixes. Partial July 27, 2018

HOF Threads Available for Download

Some HOF Threads are also available for download. The initial focus is on those that can be read as a story, are historic games, or which discuss innovative strategies.

Title Author Start Date Completion Status Description/Tags Number of Posts CFC Link Download link Download size Download completeness Restoration Uploaded/Updated
Mayan Mayhem: A Huge Deity Histographic Spoonwood December 2009 Completed Huge Deity Histographic 352 CFC Link Downloadable link 64.2 MB 100%. All 255 images were missing, but are now restored. Yes July 23, 2018
SirPleb, Going for Sid SirPleb March 2004 Completed SirPleb gets the first Huge Sid Histographic win in the Hall of Fame 276 CFC Link Downloadable link 3.4 MB 98% August 7, 2018
Superslug-A pacifist attempt at the HOF superslug January 2004 Completed superslug plays a pacifist milkrun game. 116 CFC Link Downloadable link 2.8 MB 100% August 7, 2018
SirPleb deity, with Palace rank exploit SirPleb May 2004 Completed Milkrun. Quite a bit of strategy discussion. 41 CFC Link Downloadable link 647 KB 100% July 22, 2018
LulThyme's 0 point Histograph Methos March 2005 Completed The discussion of LulThyme's 0-point Histographic win 13 CFC Link Downloadable link 60 KB 100% August 7, 2018