Civ 3 Scenario Disc - DVD Edition

Version 1.00; March 2, 2021

Welcome to the Scenario Disc! This disc includes 30+ scenarios across 19 mods for you to play and enjoy.

You can provide feedback and see the latest updates at the disc's CFC thread.

Installation Instructions

The scenarios are packed to make installation as easy as possible - no installer scripts, slow downloads, searching for broken links, or hunting for Play the World files if you skipped straight to Conquests. They are compressed using 7-Zip in order to fit as many scenarios as possible on the disc. An installer for 7-Zip (7z1900.exe), which will run on Windows 2000 or later, is included for your convenience if you do not already have it installed.

If you are using the Steam version of Civilization III, follow the additional Steam instructions at the end of this section as well as the standard instructions.

All Scenarios (Recommended)

If you would like all the scenarios to be installed, you will need approximately 9 GB of free space on the drive where you have Civilization III installed. You can extract the scenarios by right clicking on "Scenarios.7z", and choosing 7-Zip -> Extract Files... In this window, put your Civilization III -> Conquests -> Scenarios folder as the "Extract to:" folder, as pictured:

You may also wish to change the Overwrite Mode option to either "Overwrite without prompt", or "Skip existing files".

The estimated time to copy over all the scenarios is 6 minutes with a desktop DVD drive (16x speed), and 12 minutes with a laptop or external DVD drive (8x speed).

Only Certain Scenarios

If you are running low on disk space, you may prefer to only install the scenarios you plan to play in the near future.

In this case, you will need to copy over the "PTW Medieval Japan" and "PTW World War II" folders within the "Scenarios.7z" archive, plus any "Folder(s) Required" for the scenario listed in the table below, and the "BIQ File" listed in the table below. This can be done by right-clicking on "Scenarios.7z", and choosing "7-Zip -> Open Archive". Then, Ctrl+Click on the folders required, as well as the BIQ files required, and click the "Extract" that looks like a dark blue minus sign (-). In the "Copy" dialog that appears, enter your Civilization III -> Conquests -> Scenarios folder as the "Copy to:" folder. The dialog will also give you an accurate indication of how much disk space you will need free. Once you're ready, click OK and the scenario(s) will be copied over.

For example, if you wanted to play the Hundred Years' War scenario from the Medieval European Mod, you can see that it requires the HYW and MEM folders. Select the folders in the screenshot, as well as the MEM Hundred Years War.biq file (not pictured in the screenshot), and click the Extract button.

Notes on Already Existing Scenarios

In the event that you already have some of these scenarios installed, it is up to you whether to skip pre-existing scenarios and keep the version you have, or overwrite them. This pack tends to include the latest stable version. For example, for Age of Imperialism, it includes version 4.1 rather than the preview version 5.0, so if you are already playing 5.0, you would want to skip copying over the Age of Imperialism files.

Additional Steam Instructions

Once you have extracted the scenarios you wish to play on the Steam version, you'll also need to extract the Steam-Labels.7z file to the same location. This contains updates to the labels.txt file as needed for mods that customize that file to be compatible with the Steam version of Civ III. It will overwrite the mods' initial (non-Steam compatible) version of that file.

If you would like to play some of the some of the scenarios with the No Raze patch, you will need the original labels.txt file (not the Steam version). My recommendation this case is to re-extract the scenarios you wish to use the No Raze patch on following the "Only Certain Scenarios" instructions. Alternately, if you plan to use the No Raze patch with most scenarios, you could only extract the Steam labels for the scenarios you don't plan to use it with.

You may find it preferable to buy and switch to the GOG version of Civilization III, which is fully compatible with both traditional mods and the No Raze patch.


This disc includes over 30 scenarios. Some of these are standalone scenarios, and some are affiliated with each other - for example there are several scenarios that are affiliated with the Medieval Europe Mod. This table gives an overview of the scenarios on the disc.

For scenarios where the on-disc reference has an asterisk (*), significant image restoration work has been done relative to what is currently available at CivFanatics. Thus, it is recommended you view the on-disc version for an overview of those scenario, and the CFC version if you wish to comment on the thread or check for recent updates.

Some scenarios have optional extras or other human-readable files in their scenario folder; this is indicated by an asterisk (*) in the Folder(s) Required column. While not required for playing the scenarios, you may find them to be of interest. Of particular note is the No Raze patch, which prevents the AI from razing cities. This can be found in the Age of Imperialism scenario folder, at AoI\Conquests No Raze Patch, and can be used with any scenario you wish. It is generally only recommended for maps with pre-placed cities.

Mod Scenario Version Created By Short Description BIQ File Folder(s) Required Reference
Age of Imperialism 4.1 El Justo It is the year 1895 AD. The major powers have extended their colonial empires across the globe. Take the wheel of your favorite civilization and manage your colonial holdings by shipping the 'raw materials' back to your capital. VPs are accumualted for every 'raw material' unit you safely return. They are also accumulated by VP occupation. Build the League of Nations and win the default "UN" victory. Do you have what it takes? AoI4.1-31civs-FULL.biq *AoI CFC Thread;
*On-Disc Excerpt
The Ancient Mediterranean The Ancient Mediterranean Random Map 2.6 thamis Play against civilizations of the ancient era in the new version of TAM. This file will create a random map. Runs from 4,000 BC to 600 A.D. TAM 2.6 The Ancient Mediterranean.biq *TAM 2.6 CFC Thread;
On-Disc Excerpt
The Ancient Mediterranean Fertile Crescent 2.6b thamis, iron0037 In 4000 BC several tribes of the Fertile Crescent initiated human civilization. Re-play this era as any civilization between Greece and Persia, Egypt and Kolchis. By Jan van der Crabben for the Ancient Mediterranean MOD. Upgraded to version 2.6 by iron0037. TAM 2.6 Fertile Crescent.biq
The Ancient Mediterranean Large thamis, Khargath, iron0037 Large accurate Mediterranean map with realistic resources and the main map for TAM. Runs from 4.000 BC to 600 A.D. TAM 2.6 Mediterranean Large.biq
The Ancient Mediterranean Large No Barbarians Large accurate Mediterranean map with realistic resources and the main map for TAM. Runs from 4.000 BC to 600 A.D. This map is intended for players with slower computers and will play differently than the same map with barbarians. TAM 2.6 Mediterranean Large No Barbs.biq
The Ancient Mediterranean Large No Wolves Large accurate Mediterranean map with realistic resources and the main map for TAM. Runs from 4.000 BC to 600 A.D. TAM 2.6 Mediterranean Large No Wolves.biq
Barbarossa: The War in the East (1941-1945) 1.3 Sarevok, Rocoteh June 22, 1941: The largest land invasion ever seen is launched as 4 million Axis troops cross the borders of the Soviet Union for Operation Barbarossa. What ensued was called " a medieval war of conquest with 20th century weapons. " Take command of either the German or Sovier armies in the most bloody conflict in history. Who will prevail? Hitler's Germany or Stalinist Russia? Barbarossa 1.3.biq *EAST CFC Thread;
On-Disc Excerpt
The Cold War The Cold War Deluxe 1.6 El Justo It is 1950 and the the Cold War is in its infancy. The United States and Soviet Union are locked in a bitter ideological and confrontational struggle for sumpremacy. Europe, is on the doorstep of nuclear catastrophe. Asia, on the whole, is plagued with internal struggles and an increasing Soviet influence. Can you defend "liberty" or sow the seeds of Stalin and prevent "mutually assured destruction" at the same time? The choice is yours! TCW1.6.biq TCW CFC Thread;
On-Disc Excerpt
The Cold War Huge - The Fifties 1.0 The French are in a locked war with both the North Vietnamese and the North African positions. As such, the French have control of both Hanoi and Algiers. Can you, as the French, pump some life into the post war colonial holdings? The Iron Curtain is also lined with Soviet troops while the Americans have a commanding presence in West Germany. Can you either prevent the Soviet takeover of Europe or smash the capitalist pigs and sieze control of all of Europe? Be advised that this map is really, really massive. TCWFifties.biq CFC Post
The Cold War Micro 1.3 MaxRiga MaxRiga has created a "micro" version of TCW1.5. It is essentially each civ with 1 city and the map is much smaller. It is designed for those of you who have small or really slow PCs. TCW1.5-small12civs1.3.biq CFC Post
The Cold War Multiplayer 1.2 Klyden This is the multiplayer version of The Cold War. TCW1.51MPv1.2.biq CFC Post
Escape From Zombie Island 2 Elite February 6, 2021 Vuldacon In 2008 Paradise Island was voted the best place to live. Today, it's crawling with flesh-eating zombies. A horrible accident has released an experimental virus that turns people, and the recently deceased, into zombies. The outbreak caught Paradise Island completely by surprise, and within a matter of hours most of the Island was overwhelmed by hordes of cannibalistic zombies. A handful of survivors managed to hold off the ravenous undead, but nightfall will surely be followed by fresh horror. You must act now! EFZI2 Elite.biq *EFZI2 Elite CFC Thread;
On-Disc Excerpt
Fallout: The Rebirth of Civilization January 6, 2008 Thorgrimm War. War never changes. Spain built an empire from its lust for gold and territory. Hitler shaped Germany into an economic superpower. But war never changes. In the 21st century, war is still waged over the resources that could be acquired. Only this time, the spoils of war were also its weapons. Oil and uranium. For these resources China would invade Alaska, the US would annex Canada, and the EC would dissolve into bickering states. In 2077 the storm of world war had come again. From the ashes of nuclear fire a new civilization would arise. Fallout.biq Fallout CFC Thread;
On-Disc Excerpt
The Great War 2.1 Sarevok, Rocoteh The time is August 5th, 1914. Europe is consumed by war after the assasination of Franz Ferdinand, the Heir to the Austrian throne. A Crisis in July provoked what has become an all-out war between the great powers of Europe. Who will win The Great War? The Great War 2.1.biq TGW CFC Thread;
On-Disc Excerpt
Master of Myrror Fantasy Mod 2.0 Beta 3 Patch 2 Drift A fantasy mod based loosely on Master of Magic by Simtex. Conquer the magical dimension of Myrror as a mage of one of the four different factions. Master of Myrror.biq *MoM CFC Thread;
On-Disc Excerpt
Medieval Europe Mod Medieval Europe Mod 1.3 embryodead, Yoda Power Random map, 700-1550 AD. Recommended land mass: Pangaea. See Conquests/Scenarios/MEM/MEM Readme.txt for details. MEM.biq *MEM CFC Thread;
*On-Disc Excerpt
MEM Europe (Large) Large, clean map of Europe, 700-1550 AD. MEM Europe (Large).biq
MEM Europe (Small) Small, clean map of Europe, 700-1550 AD. MEM Europe (Small).biq
11th Century Conquest 11th century Europe scenario, 1070-1550 AD, 360 turns. MEM 11c Conquest.biq
13th Century Conquest 13th century Europe scenario, 1260-1550 AD, 240 turns. MEM 13c Conquest.biq
Mediterranean Medium, clean map of Mediterranean, 700-1550 AD. 3 alternate civs: Papal States, Wallachia and Kingdom of Jerusalem. MEM Mediterranean.biq
Huge Map (180x180) for MEM II 1.0 Yoda Power This is a huge version of the normal map that ships with the download of the Medieval European Mod II. The only rule change is the replacement of Ireland by the Zirids to fill out the space in North Africa. MEM Europe (BIGGER).biq CFC Thread;
*On-Disc Thread
Crusader States It is the year 1102 AD, and the crusaders have just established a series of small feudal states in the Levant and Syria. The surrounding Muslim states are hostile to their religious counterparts, and in order to survive, the Christians must keep expanding their new domains. MEM Crusader States.biq MEM, CS CFC Thread;
*On-Disc Excerpt
Hundred Years' War Play as nine different factions on a map that stretches from Spain to Scotland. Win by conquest or by trading and victory points. MEM Crusader States.biq MEM, HYW CFC Thread;
*On-Disc Excerpt
Middle-Earth: Lord of the Mods Lord of the Mods 1.13 WildWeazel Middle-earth: Lord of the Mods is a modpack that attempts to recreate J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy universe within the confines of Civ3 Conquests. In the mod you will find 15 civilizations from the pages of Tolkien's writings, as well as custom wonders, resources, and hundreds of units. The Lord of the Rings was taken as the ultimate source of inspiration, along with Tolkien's other works such as The Hobbit and The Silmarillion. Much effort was put into complying with the information therein. Lord of the Mods 1.13.biq LotM CFC Thread;
On-Disc Excerpt
Lord of the Mods Era 2 Quickstart LotM1.13 Era 2 Quickstart.biq
Lord of the Mods Era 3 Quickstart LotM1.13 Era 3 Quickstart.biq
Lord of the Mods Era 4 Quickstart LotM1.13 Era 4 Quickstart.biq
The Old Empires 1.9 Sarevok, Rocoteh What If Tamerlane Had an Heir? A Legitimate, Strong Heir who took over the Mongols after he died in 1405? It Happened and the new Great Khan, Nayuk chose that instead of advancing to China, they should advance into Anatolia against Osman's Rising. Although the Ottomans managed to defeat the Mongols and drive them back to Persia where they would remain for the coming centuries, the Mongols had unexpectedly given hope to, instead of terror to all: The Byzantines of Constantinople. This alternative history scenario envisions the world of 1914, as shaped by several key changes along the historical timeline. The Old Empires 1.9.biq {none) CFC Thread;
On-Disc Excerpt
Rhye's of Civilization Rhye's of Civilization Expanded 1.23 Rhye Rhye's of Civilization - the fastest loading mod is a modpack that attempts to make a realistic and historically correct Civilization III game based on an Earth map, without pre-placed cities. Rhye's of Civilization Expanded v1.23.biq Rhye's of Civilization, Rhye's of Civilization X, Rhye's of Civilization XF CFC Thread;
*On-Disc Excerpt;
Official Site;
Expanded Readme (.doc)
Rhye's of Civilization Expanded Random Map Rhye's of Civilization on a random map Rhye's of Civilization Expanded v1.23 RANDOM MAP.biq
Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire 275 BC Easy 1.32 pinktilapia The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire (RFRE) is a total conversion for Civilization 3 Conquests. The game trusts you with Rome, in 275 BC, at the eve of its glorious conquests of the Mediterranean world. Using the Civilization 3 engine like it has never been done before, the game puts you directly under pressure as timed events slowly work against you and your empire. You will face glorious protagonists like Hannibal, Mithridatus, or Attila and important events such as civil war, imperial glory, internal crisis and barbarian invasions. RFRE 275BC Easy.biq RFRE CFC Thread;
*On-Disc Excerpt
275 BC Hard RFRE 275BC Hard.biq
100 BC pinktilapia, blitzkrieg80 RFRE 100BC.biq RFRE, RFRE100BC
325 AD pinktilapia, Captain Beaver RFRE 325AD.biq RFRE, RFRE325AD
Rise and Rule Rise and Rule Basic 1.02.01 Isak, Kal-el, Doc Tsiolkovski, harrier, Pfeffersack This is the Rise and Rule mod, a.k.a, Double Your Pleasure for Civilization 3: Conquests. The simple design philosophy behind the mod is that variety is the spice of life and an essential part of strategy. If there's only one path to success, there really isn't much strategy involved. We've tried to beef up the selection of improvements, wonders, units etc., hoping to give you more to choose between. Don't think you'll be able to build everything everywhere. We have tried hard to make that option the certain road to failure. A wise ruler will weigh cost vs. benefit in every single decision made. Basic is 540 turns; Extended is 915 turns. RAR 1.02 basic.biq *RAR CFC Thread;
On-Disc Excerpt;
Data File (PDF)
Rise and Rule Extended RAR 1.02 basic.biq
The Rood and the Dragon The Rood and the Dragon July 23, 2011 Plotinus It is AD 480. Seventy years after the Roman legions withdrew from Britannia, the island is a theatre of wars the like of which it has never before seen. The remaining Romano-British kingdoms are waning, as the new Anglo-Saxon powers struggle for supremacy. The pagan gods are honoured through warfare, and glory on the battlefield will create a culture powerful enough to resist the allure of Irish philosophy. But the future holds more challenge - for the Christian missionaries come with the sign of the Rood - and the Norsemen in their dragon-headed longboats... Rood.biq Rood CFC Thread;
*On-Disc Excerpt
Rood Classic The previous version of the scenario, featuring fewer Viking attacks and lower corruption. Rood Classic.biq Rood
Space Opera Space Opera August 30, 2007 Navy Dawg Humanity has developed the technology to explore and colonize distant planets. Sent from Earth, the first colonies on other worlds were settled in the year 2320. These new interplanetary empires seek to push the furthest limits of the galaxy and expand their influence. However, alien races are lurking on the far side of the galaxy to thwart the ambitions of mankind. Take control of your civilization and build a galactic empire through force and diplomacy. Space Opera.biq *Space Opera CFC Thread;
On-Disc Excerpt
Space Opera Uncharted October 2, 2007 Leaven A huge-sized map for Space Opera that gives you a bigger galaxy to explore. Space_Opera_Uncharted.biq CFC Post
Space Opera 2nd map April 2, 2008 thievinliar An additional map for the Space Opera mod. Chronologically, the third map released for the mod. Space Opera 2nd map.biq CFC Post
Warhammer Fantasy Mod 2.51 mrtn A thoroughly tested fantasy mod based on Games Workshop's Warhammer world. 29 civilizations, more than 450 units. Dwarfs, elves, orcs, vampires, demons, dragons and wizards. WH2.5.biq WH2 CFC Thread;
On-Disc Excerpt
Civilization III: Worldwide 2.9 AnthonyBoscia Choose one of 24 civilizations, each with unique unit lines, wonders, and technologies, in this four-era modification of the classic Civilization III epic game. Worldwide v2.9.biq *Worldwide CFC Thread;
On-Disc Excerpt
World War II Global World War II Global 2.7 Rocoteh, Meateater, Tom2050 The World War II Global military conflict has begun! In the largest and most violent armed conflict in the history of mankind, reenact these historical battles, or venture to go beyond history to forge your empire any way you like. WW2-Global 2.7 Tom2050.biq WW2-Global CFC Thread;
On-Disc Excerpt
World War II Global with Extra US Transports The World War II Global military conflict has begun! In the largest and most violent armed conflict in the history of mankind, reenact these historical battles, or venture to go beyond history to forge your empire any way you like. Changes: San Diego and New York auto-produce Transports every 7 turns. WW2-Global 2.7 USTransports Tom2050.biq WW2-Global