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    Mar 26, 2002
    At long last I am proud to announce the release of the Warhammer Fantasy Mod version 2.5!

    You may download it here:

    You also need this small patch!

    And look: added advisors! These are optional, of course...

    Requirements: Civilization III Conquests, version 1.22. English version of "vanilla" Civ 3.
    Disk space needed: about 775 MB.

    This download replaces all previous Warhammer mod installations. As I've deleted a lot of old units and other stuff no longer used, it's recommended that you delete your old version of the mod to save space. This includes the Net Art folder, which is no longer used (by this mod, at least).

    The mod comes in .rar format. If you don't have Winrar installed you can try one of these free rar extractors.
    Extract it to your Conquests\Scenarios folder. For most people, this is located in
    C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III\Conquests\Scenarios
    Note that some rar-extractors want to add the filename (i e WH2.5) to the extract path, so you may have to remove "WH2.5" from the path name to get it right.

    What to expect:
    A thoroughly tested fantasy mod based on Games Workshop's Warhammer world. 29 civilizations, more than 450 units. Dwarfs, elves, orcs, vampires, demons, dragons and wizards.

    Some of the changes:
    -New Civilizations: Skaven and Beastmen
    -New barbarians: Ghouls and Skeletons created by the evil Necrarch vampires
    -Over 70 new building graphics
    -Over 70 new and updated units, including unit lines for the Skaven and Beastmen
    -New Wonders and Improvements
    -New and modified techs
    -and too much to list here!

    Please report any bugs you may find. Hopefully I'll be able to release a simple patch if necessary to fix any minor problems. I've also made a lot of changes, so if some things are different don't start writing that confused message so quickly. For example you might think, "Why do I have to wait until Pottery to build Bugmans's Brewery?" but that's intentional. ;)
    Remember to check the Civilopedia if you're confused about something. But don't check Iron or Horses, because then you'd get a very annoying error pop up. It's relatively harmless, but just... don't.

    Many thanks to the following people:
    embryodead - For making the original mod, and for coming back with encouragement and bug hunting.
    aaglo - For making lots of units, and for carrying the ring load when it got heavy.
    LizardMenRule! - For getting the skaven ball rolling, and for creative help with the diplomacy text.
    and to all the enthusiasts in the discussion thread and elsewhere. :)
    You'll find a more comprehensive credits list (and other stuff) in the ReadMe file in the WH2 folder.
  2. mrtn

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    Mar 26, 2002
    Merry Christmas! Here are some screenshots. :)

    Early Skaven game
    Beastman diplomacy
    Tech tree second era: Hordes of Chaos
    Tech tree third era: Dark Elves

    These are the changes after 2.20 Only read this if you're really interested...
    Spoiler :
    Changes WH 2.21

    Added Beastmen units (all have +1 HP unless noted otherwise, they also ignore forest movement cost, so they get faster forest armies):
    +Bray 3/2/1 (no hp bonus)
    +Beastman Settler 0/0/1
    +Beastman Worker 0/1/1
    +Truegor 6/6/1 50
    +HoC Caprigor 6/6/1 50
    +HoC Ungor, upgrade to Caprigor
    -Renamed "Beastman" Gor and made it 6/4/1 iron, Smithing.
    -Changed Ungor to BoC, upgrade to Truegor
    -Changed Tuskgor Chariot to BoC, require iron.
    -Changed Bestigor to BoC and 8/5/1, Steel. Starts GA.
    -Changed Centigor to 8/4/3, Chivalry, BoC only.
    +Dragon Ogre
    +Centaur 5(2)/2/2, Ballistics, 35 shields, upgrade to Centigors.
    +Bray-Shaman 3(3)/3/1
    +Great Bray-Shaman 4(6)/4/1

    Added Skaven units:
    Clanrat 2-4-2 Warrior Code 20
    Night Runner 6-3-2 Smithing 40 iron
    Gutter Runner 7-4-2 Military Training 45 iron
    Skaven Settler 0-0-1 30
    Skaven Worker 0-1-1 10
    Warlock 3-3-2 Magic 40 3-1-1 bombard, see invisible
    Giant Rat 5-2-2 Pottery 30
    Rat Swarm 1-1-1 Domestication 10 ATAR, no upkeep
    Storm Vermin Warrior 8-4-2 Steel 50 iron
    Storm Vermin Guard 3-5-2 Polearms 25 iron
    Clan Eshin Assassin 6-2-2 Assassination 50 Stealth, Invisible
    Plague Monk 8-2-2 -1 HP Religion 45 blitz
    Rat Ogre 11-4-1 +1 HP Nature Lore 100 Beasts
    Doom Wheel 9-5-3 +2 HP Invention 120 timber, iron
    Poisoned Wind Globadier 9-2-2 Adv. Siegecraft 50 4-0-1
    Warpfire Thrower 6-6-1 Engineering 50 4-0-1 collateral damage warpstone
    Grey Seer 4-4-2 High Magic 50 8-1-1 bombard, see invisible
    Bilge Rat 4-4-5 Creature Control 60 transport 5
    Vermin Lord 18-7-2 +3 HP Awakening 300
    Censer Bearer 10-2-2 Lords of Decay blitz, spawned
    Deathburner 5-3-5 Navigation 50 timber
    Doombringer 5-5-6 Naval Warfare 70 4-1-1 transport 6 timber, iron, saltpeter
    Warp Raider 7-4-6 Naval Warfare 80 8-1-2 timber, warpstone
    Jezzail Team 5-7-1 Gunpowder 70 5-0-1 saltpeter
    Ratling Gun 9-5-1 Gunpowder 100 4-1-3 Saltpeter, iron
    Warplightning Cannon 0-0-1 Metallurgy 100 16-2-2 iron, warpstone
    Rat Tank 8-7-2 Steam Power 140 10-1-2 warpstone
    Skavenslave 2-2-1 10

    Other changes:
    -Removed the Badlands resource.
    +Added Oasis resource for desert.
    -Changed all workers that have defense from 2 to 1, except the dwarf.
    -Leadbelcher cost to 130 from 120
    -Lava elemental cost to 120 from 130
    -Minotaur cost to 85 from 75, and made available to BoC too.
    -Chaos knight +1 attack, -1 defence to 9/5/2
    -War mammoth cost to 100 from 90
    -Lesser daemon cost to 80 from 60
    -Bone giant cost 140 from 120, +3 defence
    -War elephant cost to 90 from 80
    -Stegadon cost to 120 from 110
    -Vampire lord cost to 190 from 150
    -Blood dragon cost to 200 from 160
    -Jotun cost to 150 from 140
    -Great taurus cost to 250 from 260, changed BR to 1 too
    -Squiggoth cost to 170 from 160
    -Chaos Warlock, Great Warlock, Goblin Shaman, Goblin Great Shaman AI to defense, and other fixes.
    +Added new units32 for Knight of the Realm
    +Made new pedia icons for the Death Galley
    -Cleaned up the civilopedia wrt obsolete resources.
    -Removed Beast resource requirement from dragon-like units (wyvern...)
    -Removed the industrious flag from Rune forge and dark forge.
    -Removed Wizard's Guild requirement from Alchemist's Guild.
    -Deathroller cost to 90 from 100
    -Despotism MP limit raised to 2.
    +Added new skeleton barb 5/3/1
    +Added new Ghoul barb 5/5/1
    +Added Bretonnian Battle Pilgrim 6-4-1 Smithing 40 iron
    +Added Tilean Spearman 2-4-1 Warrior Code 20
    +Added Runesmith 3-3-1 +1 HP Magic 40 3-0-1 see invisible
    +Added Runelord 4-4-1 +1 HP High Magic 50 6-0-1 see invisible, radar
    -Changed Tuskgor Chariot to 6/2/2, i e lowered defense 1.
    +Added Ghoul 5/5/1 40 for the undead civs.
    +Added Keeper of Secrets 16/8/2 +2 HP.
    +Added Quarreler 9/3/1 +1 HP.
    +Added Harpy 6/3/2.
    +Added Doom Diver bombard 10.
    +Added Skull Chucker, bombard ?
    +Added Treekin stats?
    +Added Cold One Chariot 6/2/2 +2 HP.
    -Changed Brennus icons
    +Added new Damsel attack flc. (Princess)
    -Made White Wolf require furs and a keep.
    -Made Knights Templar require horses.
    -Fiery Heart requires 5 temples.
    -Brotherhood of the Bear requires Beasts.
    +Added new Silverhelm.
    -Changed Handgunner gfx to vanilla musketman.

    - added gutterrunner run-sound (ini-file)
    - fixed greyseer run-sound (ini-file)
    - fixed greyseer fortifysound
    - added stormvermin run-sound (ini-file)
    - fixed giantrat attack-sound
    - civilopedia fixes: airbases, troll, chaos troll, ungor/ungor1, doom diver
    - pediaicons fixes: silverhelm, troll, chaos troll, oasis
    - changed correct unit32 for silverhelm

    - changed treeman to A:12 (9), D:6 (5), M:2 (1), Cost:160 (120)
    - changed treekin to A:7 (9), D:7 (5)
    + added Grail knight A:16, D:7, M:2, HP:+1, Cost:200, Blitz, available at Awakening, Req. Horses
    - fixed: Battle pilgrims are enslaved by the questing knight
    + added Fen Beast A:9, D:6, M:2, HP:+1, Cost:100, Free movement in swamps, available at Creature control
    + added carrion A:6, D:3, M:2, Cost:100, ATAR, Radar, Amphibios, for khemri and lahmia
    + added Tenderiser A:6, D:3, M:2, HP:1, B:2, Br:0, RoF:1, Cost:50, Req: timber
    + added Chaos Halberdier A:3, D:7, M:1, Cost:50, Req: iron
    - fixed Skull Chucker stats: B:8 (1), Cost:50 (0), available to sylvania, lahmia and khemri (fire catapult has been removed from these civs).
    + added civilopedia to battle pilgrims, questing knights, carrions, fen beast, tenderiser, whirlwind, grail knight

    - fixed stealth attack units (added skaven & beastmen-units to all stealth-attack units, added stealth attack targets to clan eshin assassin).


    + new grimgor (orc leaderhead)
    + resource appearence/reappearence flavour text to script.txt
    + skaven warrens -building graphics
    + added chaos furies to beastmen
    - fixed cult of pleasure tower -splash
    + added cathayan wizard
    + added nippon mage
    + added ungol enchanter
    + added shadow warrior
    + added sounds to chaos halberdier
    + added flying carpet to aerial combat 8/4/2 ATAR 125shields, requires Eyries (pedia explains why ;) )
    + added civilopedia-concept about invisible units
    + added hassassin civilopedia
    + added notion of "being invisible" to assasin-type units
    + added notion of "seeing invisible" to magic-wielders, greater daemon, keeper of secret, unclean one, verminlord, grail knight, dwarf ranger

    - ogres and beasts -resources to disappear/reappear occasionally
    - chaos halberdier D:7->6
    - bestigor cost 55->65
    - centigor A:8->7
    - minotaur 9/4/1 +1HP cost 85 -> 10/5/1 +1HP cost 110
    - mining squad +5 cost
    - black orc warrior +5 cost
    - black orc boyz +5 cost
    - orc boarboyz +5 cost
    - boar chariot +5 cost
    - rat ogre +10 cost
    - troll +10 cost
    - clansman +5 cost
    - dwarf ranger +5 cost
    - longbeard +5 cost
    - ironbreaker +5 cost
    - thunderer +5 cost
    - troll slayer +5 cost
    - dragon slayer +5 cost
    - chaos dwarf warrior +5 cost
    - immortal of hashut +5 cost
    - blunderbuss +5 cost
    - bull centaur +5 cost
    - gor +5 cost
    - ungor +5 cost
    - war mammoth +10 cost
    - ushabti +5 cost
    - norse dwarf +5 cost
    - cold-one knight +5 cost
    - saurus warrior +5 cost
    - temple guard +10 cost
    - saurus gunner +5 cost
    - kroxigor +5 cost
    - cold-one rider +5 cost
    - mage +10 cost
    - archmage +10 cost
    - sorceress +10 cost
    - high sorceress +10 cost
    - spellsinger +10 cost
    - spellweaver +10 cost
    - chaos dwarf sorcerer +5 cost
    - chaos dwarf sorcerer lord +5 cost
    - unclean one -30 cost
    - centaur +5 cost
    - bray shaman +5 cost
    - great bray shaman +5 cost
    - truegor +5 cost
    - caprigor +5 cost
    - runelord +5 cost
    - runesmith +5 cost
    - quarreler +5 cost
    - fen beast +10 cost
    - whirlwind +5 cost
    - pedia text for keeper of secrets
    - pedia text for lesser daemon (now also for BoC)
    - pedia text for marketplaces (effect of 9 resources)
    - Flying units-pedia entry: added harpy, chaos fury and flying carpet
    - other small pedia fixes I now have forgotten
    - waywatcher to forest spirits A:9, D:3, M:2 Cost 70
    - treekin to nature lore
    - hawk to crop rotation
    - chaos warlock graphics
    - paradrop to gutter runner & clan eshin assassin
    - sounds to warpraider, deathburner and doombringer made quieter and shorter

    + added night-goblin spearman for goblins
    - added +1 food to halflings


    -Renamed goblin leader to Skarsnik, and renamed the civ to Crooked Moon Goblins.
    -Changed civ colours, now Goblins are yellow, Westerland grey and Khemri blue.
    -Renamed goblin king unit Skarsnik.
    -Horses now give +1 shield, +1 commerce.
    -BoC don't get Woodworking.
    -Sisters of Shallya only works for Monarchies.
    -fixed civilopedia for flesh hounds and chaos troll, mentions BoC.
    +Added pikeman to Albion.
    -Renamed Greater Daemon to Bloodthirster.
    -Gave Chaos Furies, Unclean Ones Airlift ability.
    -Changed Orc Spearman to defense 6, cost 30.
    +Added tech Colossal Constructs to Khemri.
    -Moved Ushabti and Black Pyramid to Colossal Constructs.
    -Changed Ushabti to 10/7/1 cost 110.
    -Removed Green Dragon from Bretonnians.
    +Added Orc Archer.
    +Added Lord Of Change.
    +Added Spider Rider 8/3/2, cost 80.
    -Added "Detect Invisible" to all dragonlike units.
    -Renamed chaos civ to Hordes of Chaos.
    -Gave HoC and BoC Mysticism from start.
    -Removed the 2.1a GCON
    -Made Borgio a Prince
    -Chaos Warrior 9/6/1 60
    -Chaos Knight 9/6/2 90
    -Minotaurs BoC only
    -Fleshhounds HoC only 8/4/2 75
    +Added Goblin Hewer bombard 6-1-3 60 at Dogs of war
    +Added Flame Cannon 10-1-2 70
    -Changed Organ Gun to 8-1-4 cost 90.
    -Changed Gor to the new gfx.
    +Added Skaven pedia text.
    -Changed Caprigor to 8/4/1 45 Feudalism.
    +Added Orc Shaman 3/3/1 3/1/1 35
    +Added Great Orc Shaman 4/4/1 6/1/1 40
    +Added placeholder empire swordsman for empire, westerland, tilea.
    -Changed Mausoleum to 100 cost.
    -Moved 60+ units with C3MT.
    -Fixed spawned units.
    -Fixed enslavement units.
    -Fixed Assassination targets.
    +Added empire swordsman for real.
    +Added Faun as Beastman.
    -Shrunk Beastman Settler.
    +Added sounds to emp sword and faun.
    -Made the Bowman available to HoC.
    -Updated Great Book scholars.
    -Renamed Stealth attacks to assassinations.
    -Indic Inf now 55 shields.
    -great eagle cost 90.
    -eagle rider cost 110.
    -Made Warlord enslave Thrall, as it should be!
    -Made Moot give GA to Agr civs.
    -Made Chaos Moon give GA to Exp civs.
    +Added Necrarch's Ship to barbs.
    +Added Minoan Galley for dwarves, CDs. 2-2-5
    +Added Dromon for dwarves. 3-2-5 2-0-1 bombard.
    -Made Clansman 15 shields again.
    +Updated Slavic Horseman to the version with civ coloured shield.
    -Made Buccaneer available to Tilea.
    -Removed lots of old unused units.
    -Fixed Longbowman2 sounds.
    -Deleted Monoliths2 tech.
    +New Fortify sound for Jezzail, Night Runner, Ratling Gun, WarpfireThrower,
    +Fixed dippy.
    +Added Halfling Mercenary 6(6)/3/1 ATAR.
    -Fixed sounds for Snotling, Goblin Spearman, Italian Foot Knight, Landsknecht, Ushabti, Black Widow, RatOgre and Sounds.
    -Removed AoK Hand Cannoneer, AoK Knight, AoK Man-at-Arms, AoK Two-Handed Swordsman, Beastman, Black Orc, old Earth Elemental, FanSquiggoth, Giant Spider, GoblinSpearman, Guardian Troll, High Elf Cavalry, Ironram, KenderSwordsman, Longbowman, LOTRTroll, Lynx Spider, Ogre, Siamese Swordsman, Uruk Hai Berserker, Wolf Spider.
    -Made BoC Ungor upgrade to Truegor.
    +Added NorseAxe.
    -Fixed tech blurbs in script.txt
    -Gave LoC bombard 10.
    -Added Timber in Jungle.
    +New Oak of Ages gfx.
    -Removed Irrigation tech. Irrigation now at Farming.
    -Moved Dryad to Emissaries.
    -Giant Rat to Farming.
    -Moved Bugmans, Vineyard and Brewery to Pottery.
    -Removed Net Art folder, the mod now uses the ordinary Flics folder.

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    Feb 4, 2002
    Excellent! Downloading now.
    Great work Mrtn and co.! :goodjob:
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    Oct 21, 2005
    behind the scenes
    Thank you Santa mrtn, thank you so much! A huge thanks also goes to aaglo, Mr.Do and embryodead of course!

    Thanks! Woohoo! Now I need to get a vacation :D
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    Jan 30, 2005
    AK or OR
    Just in time for Christmas, downloading now.

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    first! (or not, dammit)

    just posting in the legendary thread, before I get to enslave my sister into downloading 500MBs for me :s
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    aw chucks, there goes spending time with the family during the holidays... :mischief:

    So you're a Marathon type of guy, right mrtn? Enjoy our wild cheering now that you've crossed the finishing line, you've earned that and more! :goodjob:
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    Nov 1, 2004
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    Christmas has come early this year :D

    Thanks so much for this mrtn. I can now look forward to never seeing daylight for the next couple of months :lol:

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    Aug 6, 2004
    Excellent. Now to unleash corrupting Chaos upon all those stuck-up Elves.
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    Oct 1, 2005
    By the Magtogoek
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    Well done, mrtn :thumbsup: - and well done, team :thumbsup:
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    Heh, you forgot to add me to the Special thanks section:

    "Goldflash: For staying out of the way."
  13. Stormrage

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    Oct 21, 2005
    behind the scenes
    Woohoo! Its great! Preliminary reports (I just had a look at the game, have to go to work now, it was DLing all night!)

    *Not exactly a bug, but you haven`t deleted all the old stuff, like that LH, or one city style, mebbe there`s more, not sure.

    *Ungor is listed twice in the civilopedia

    *the battle pilgrim has a RL crusader`s description (christianity in WH? ;))

    *the battle pilgrim has exactly the same stats as the swordsman, the pedia says the swordsman is still available to Bretts, so, what`s up? :confused:

    Thank you for adding the Grail Knight! :woohoo:
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    Fantastic work guys, well done. :goodjob: But curse my 1 gig download limit, I won't be getting this till after Christmas. :cry:
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    Adelaide, South Australia
    Haven't been able to dowload yet :( coz of my crappy aussie broadband ;)

    first try DLed 45%, second try DLed 72% and got a corrupt file, this time i'm hoping it'll go all the way :)
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    That's not a bug, it's a feature. :p

    That's not a bug - the ungor is available both beasts and horde of chaos. Beasts ungor does not require "beast"-resource, but hordes ungor does.

    They are weird guys in their nature, so this is basically a feature. :p

    The pedia has a bug.

    Welcome :)

    Note: The pedia might have quite a lot of bugs due to older versions of this game. We (mostly mrtn and embryodead) have tried to take care of most of them, but there most definitely are bugs left. Feel free to report them as you find them.
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    Great work everyone! Now I know how I shall spend my christmas vacation! :D

    (when I get my christmas vacation that is...)
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    Wow. I only had to wait 6 mins in the DL queue... and just this morning I was saying to myself how annoying it is that these times have seemed to go UP!
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    This looks awesome! Great work embryodead, aaglo, and LizardMenRule! I'll DL and play once I get home.
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    Finally, finally! How I've waited. I've visited mrtn many times during the work, and just to torture me he has shown games. Now I have a good reason for staying inside during my christmas vacation...