AJTJP.com Now Has a Gopher Server

February 29, 2016

As of tonight (February 29th), ajtjp.com now has a Gopher server! You can visit it here.

Currently, there isn't a lot of content on the Gopher hole, as I just brought it up tonight. Over time, I expect there to be some content available both on this http server and on Gopherspace, and some to be available exclusively on one or the other. HTTP has some advantages such as inline image support; on the other hand the hierarchical structure that Gopher lends itself to may make sense in some cases. And it's also quite a bit lighter on (client-side resources). We'll see where it goes!

And if you're totally confused? Gopher is an alternative to HTTP from the early '90s. While relatively uncommon today (there are fewer than 1000 Gopher servers currently), it's lightweight, and works well for text-focused content.

You can view Gopher pages with a variety of browsers, including:

I've thus far used Firefox and K-Meleon to view ajtjp.com's Gopher site, and have also used Netscape 4 to view MetaFilter's new Gopher page, the inspiration for adding it to my site as well.

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